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Prévessin and Moëns were two separate towns before their merger in 1975. An overview of the heritage of this "town with hamlets".


 Anneaux CERN Anneaux CERN PREVESSIN MOENS Marteau Pilon Anneaux CERN


The castle and its park: small arboretum composed of different species, some of which are over 400 years old. The pond has recently been rehabilitated by the city.

The parish church: a listed historical monument, the parish church still has some Gallo-Roman remains including the milestones of the porch. Renovated in the late twentieth century, excavations have revealed traces of different eras.

The public weight of Moëns: the commune of Moëns was endowed with this public weight in 1935, on the proposal of the mayor and on the decision of the Municipal Council. It was bought then at the time for the sum of 1200 francs. It began to operate the following year, in 1936, and for 35 years the activity of the public weight was maintained with a record of 200 weighings in 1944!

The old Prévessin customs, Mategnin road. In front of the customs, the sign "cross the border illegally" is one of 13 panels of the theme of the borders, cultural route in Pays de Gex

The old hammer, communal kiln park

The mill: this mill was built on a derivation of the Lion and served to all the inhabitants of the dependent villages of the priory but also to the inhabitants of Moëns and Magny. Paths, "milling lives" connected these villages to the mill.

To discover too: old farms, old fruit trees, fountains ...

Anneaux CERN  



Anneaux CERN

The green voice of the Tattes: built in 2011, it is a loop of 3.5 km to perform on foot or by bike, with a view of the mountains and fields ...


Park of the castle: a walk is arranged all around the park, of which part with a sporting course.

The "promenade de la Manchette" linking Vésegnin to Brétigny through the fields

"Gotaz Promenade" and "Tattes Road Walk"


Website of the city hall of Prévessin-Moëns

To know more about its history, don't hesitate to buy the book on sale at the city hall of Prévessin-Moêns (29€) 



Mairie de Prévessin-Moëns
27 chemin de l'Eglise
01280 Prévessin-Moëns
Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 40 51 09



Bus O "Meyrin/Gravière - Lycée International"
Bus TER ligne Divonne/Bellegarde


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