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The Pays de Voltaire involves two communes: Ferney-Voltaire and Prévessin-Moëns.
Come and immerse yourself in the captivating history of these two towns through their monuments and their places full of emotions


Built along the old road leading from Geneva to the abbey of Saint-Claude, the village of Ferney was considerably modified by Voltaire.

At the medieval street-village, the philosopher substituted a new town at the crossroads of the main roads. According to the principles he had himself enacted in 1749 in his Embellishments of Paris, Voltaire proscribed the corbelling, watched the strict alignment of the buildings, and imposed the model of the houses in continuous strip at the new village center.

From the 1770s onwards, the philosopher, no doubt inspired by the urban planning of the new London neighborhoods, favored above all the construction of luxurious and gardened pavilion areas for his relatives and new "colonists", mainly watchmakers from Geneva.

Conserving its Voltairian aspect until 1950 (despite the additions and enlargements used in the nineteenth century), the village of Ferney has since radically transformed, from 1000 to 8500 inhabitants, part of its territory having even served the construction of Geneva International Airport.

    Ferney Voltaire 039 bis  Fontaine et grand commun du Châtelard office de tourisme du Pays de Voltaire Statue de Voltaire 2 Bruno Bourgade

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The city was born in 1975 from the merger of two villages, Prévessin and Moëns. Its territory includes several hamlets (Brétigny, Vésegnin and Magny).

In the past, agriculture was the dominant activity. The communes produced wheat, wine and nearly 300 dairy cows. Come and admire the old farms, the fruit trees and the many buildings part of the historical heritage of Prévessin-Moëns.

Its rapid demographic development is linked to the immediate proximity of Geneva and the presence of CERN, the largest laboratory of Particle Physics in the world. CERN has two laboratories, one of which was established on the territory of the commune in 1971. It is from this last site that most of the CERN accelerators are now controlled, the immediate vicinity of Geneva and the presence of CERN, the largest Particle Physics Laboratory in the world.


  PREVESSIN MOENS allée parc du château Eglise PM P031571 Patrick JACQUET Mise au point PREVESSIN MOENS Marteau Pilon

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